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(drops unnecessarily breezy air)
So hello to anyone who happens to be reading this. I'm sure you have something better to do. Go and...um...no, I can't think of anything. Except listening to Kent.


Salutations! My name is Duncan (or Zaviuvor) and I'm one of the moderators of the community (dwinyhoyw). Erin (or Trevor) is the other moderator. I believe you'll find a statement of the purpose of this community under our info, but just in case you can't read-- although this wouldn't help you-- here we go again.
This community is for nerds (who are sexy), and specifically GLBTQ nerds - a minority within a minority, you might say. It is, really, very tough for us, since within the nerds we're shunned for being GLBTQ, yet within the GLBTQ group we're shunned for being nerds. Of course, if you're a straight nerd, don't worry, you'll get over it eventually.


Ahem. If you're a straight nerd, you can still join. We're all for equality [until the Revolution], so you can join. If you're not a nerd or homophobic...um...why are you here? Go and play in traffic. Or head-butt a bullet. Or copulate with a lightsaber. I don't mind which one, really! Your choice!
I'm so nice.

So yes, come to us for our wisdom [read: insanity] and sagely advice on your problems, nerd or GLBTQ-related [one day I'm going to get tired of typing that time and time again], and we will try to help, along with our (currently non-existent) members.

Thank you, have a good day. Unless you're a homophobe, in which case I hope you're approaching the nearest busy highway, finding a gun, or trying to get hold of a lightsaber).
*facepalm* Shouldnt it be GLBTQAA? Dont disregard the asexuals and alliance!!!