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So I've been spending a lot of quality time lately (time that probably should have been spent doing something productive the dishwasher or contemplating the infinite) thinking about random inconsistencies in the asexual, antisexual, etc. classification system. For instance, what do you call someone who is naturally very affectionate but scared of sex? They wouldn't necessarily be asexual, since they do have the capacity to be attracted to others (perhaps I am missing part of the definition, but bear with me), and they wouldn't be antisexual since they are not against sex; they just prefer not to think about engaging in such a pursuit if society would just give it a rest. Eh, maybe I'm the only person who puts themself into this category...then again, maybe I'm just insane. (Cue Trevor madness, Sue White-style!)

This leads me (I'm not sure how, but it does) to another adjacent subject: namely, how advertising companies always inevitably resort to sexually-themed advertising. Look with a dirty enough mind at almost any modern advertising campaign, and there's the undertone, clear as shrinkwrap. Thanks to a conversation with my 2 best friends regarding this very subject I can never drink Maxwell House again...

Speaking of beverages, has anyone other than me been much too amused due to the resemblance of bubbles rising to the top of a glass of soda to a bunch of protists swimming around in pond water? I just noticed this the other day while at a restaurant and haven't ceased to be amused since.

...Anyone? *crickets*
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I have come to complain about my computer.
It has recently started freezing when I touch it. I think I'm giving it electric shocks. It's REALLY annoying.

I just wanted to throw that out there...
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Introductions Are In Order, I Believe

(drops unnecessarily breezy air)
So hello to anyone who happens to be reading this. I'm sure you have something better to do. Go, I can't think of anything. Except listening to Kent.


Salutations! My name is Duncan (or Zaviuvor) and I'm one of the moderators of the community (dwinyhoyw). Erin (or Trevor) is the other moderator. I believe you'll find a statement of the purpose of this community under our info, but just in case you can't read-- although this wouldn't help you-- here we go again.
This community is for nerds (who are sexy), and specifically GLBTQ nerds - a minority within a minority, you might say. It is, really, very tough for us, since within the nerds we're shunned for being GLBTQ, yet within the GLBTQ group we're shunned for being nerds. Of course, if you're a straight nerd, don't worry, you'll get over it eventually.


Ahem. If you're a straight nerd, you can still join. We're all for equality [until the Revolution], so you can join. If you're not a nerd or are you here? Go and play in traffic. Or head-butt a bullet. Or copulate with a lightsaber. I don't mind which one, really! Your choice!
I'm so nice.

So yes, come to us for our wisdom [read: insanity] and sagely advice on your problems, nerd or GLBTQ-related [one day I'm going to get tired of typing that time and time again], and we will try to help, along with our (currently non-existent) members.

Thank you, have a good day. Unless you're a homophobe, in which case I hope you're approaching the nearest busy highway, finding a gun, or trying to get hold of a lightsaber).